TCS Launches Cryptocurrency Trading Solution For Banks

Well-known companies like the TCS have launched a trading solution for banks for cryptocurrencies. The product is called ‘Titan Crypto’, which is a Cryptocurrency trading platform developed by TCS that aims to facilitate liquidity for these financial institutions and help them in a more cost effective trading of these cryptocurrencies. This news has been announced by TCS to create awareness among the people about cryptocurrency trading and especially of the new product launched by the company Titan Crypto.

The first thing that can be noticed about this product is the name itself – ‘Titan Crypto’. It is the same name as that of the most well known Indian company, which was recently on the verge of bankruptcy and was basically a small organization that providing technological solutions and infrastructure services to a few big organizations. The product is a trading platform that has been developed by TCS. It is meant to facilitate faster and more cost effective trading of cryptocurrencies as well as facilitate a better market liquidity.

The work of the TCS team has also undergone a number of changes. They are trying to make the product a unique product in the market with many features and advantages. Also they are attempting to provide an advanced trading platform with user friendly interface.

Apart from the TCS team, the product was developed by four prominent blockchain developers of India and funded by a VC firm, called Passion Capital. They are collaborating with TCS to make it a complete product that will support all the requirements of the financial institution sector. The developers of the product have also collaborated with the financial institutions to develop a strategy that will help them in educating the customers about cryptocurrencies and enable them to adopt the idea of Cryptocurrency trading.

The working mechanism of the product has been planned by TCS. First of all, the product will be created to support a range of financial instruments. A team of experts is working on that platform and they have planned for a well planned strategyso that there will be an easier transaction flow. Besides this the company has also designed the products so that users will be able to customize the settings of the product to meet their own specific needs.

The working mechanism of the product is also designed in such a way that the customers of the financial institutions can use the products easily. The software can be easily transferred to the customers so that they can easily start using it. The product will also have an API that will help in easily integrating the product with the customer’s account of the financial institution. It will also offer a great deal of easy to understand information and easy to read graphs.

The customers of the financial institutions are allowed to trade currencies and other financial instruments by simply depositing some money at the system. The system will automatically transfer the amount in to the traders account where it will be safe and secured. All these can be done without any problem or delays.

TCS is also introducing a new feature which will allow the customers to easily do initial research for any product by simply uploading a short form into the system. The customers will be allowed to access the first page of the product pages.